What is Merchmakr?

Merchmakr is a super compact screen printing system that includes everything you need to get started making your own T-shirts—except the shirts themselves. Unlike regular screen printing kits, it has an exposure unit for making your own screen stencils, and it does multicolor designs because it has our awesome, patent pending HotSwap registration system. What is HotSwap? It’s a special clamp we designed to let you change out screens fast, along with a screen registration tab that helps line up the colors in your designs quickly. No other screen printing press in the whole world has it, because we invented it!


  • Print multi-color with HotSwap!
  • Compact, portable footprint
  • Includes everything you need!
  • High quality instructions and support!

What does the kit include?

  • Merchmakr Screen Printing Machine
  • Merchmakr Exposure Unit with safe light
  • 1 HotSwap capable 155 mesh aluminum screen
  • 1 12" 70 durometer squeegee
  • 1 aluminum scoop coater
  • 10 sheets of 8.5" x 11" waterproof transparency films
  • 1 8oz container of Matsui water-based white ink
  • 1 8oz container of Matsui water-based black ink
  • 1 pt of Merchmakr Dual Cure Emulsion
  • 1 pt of Merchmakr Emulsion Remover

What can you do with Merchmakr?

So many great things! Get your start as a T-shirt designer with your own line of shirts. Bands can print their own merch. Upcycle thrift store clothes with your own art and express what makes you unique! Sell your own designs on sites like Etsy. Jump start a custom screen printing business of your own. Print promo t-shirts and uniforms for your business as you need them. Print shirts for your kid's little league, or help your kids to make their own shirts. Print and decorate shirts at parties, and everyone leaves with physical reminder of all the fun they had. Heck, if you are running your own Kickstarter, don't pay someone else to print your incentive T-shirts (everyone gives T-shirts away), print them yourself!




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Why We Created the Merchmakr

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Once upon a time I invented a build-it-yourself screen printing press. I spent a good effort ensuring that anyone could build it and that you could get professional results when you used it. We sold the plans online for about $10 and had a modest amount of sales. As it turned out, after paying for advertising and other expenses, we lost somewhere around $100 every time we sold one. We could have made more money giving fifty dollar bills to strangers and thanking them for not shopping with us. One day I walked into a craft store and saw the Yudu all-in-one screen printer. I instantly hated it. I thought the design flaws were so obvious --surely no one would...

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The Creation of the Merchmakr Screen Printing Press

September 25, 2013

We're getting set to launch our first Kickstarter campaign. It may seem like we are at the beginning of a journey, but merchmakr has been over a year in the making. Here's some of the stuff we've done throughout 2013 just to get us ready. Experiments and prototype manufacturing galore. Back and forth with oodles of manufactures, from fabricators to extruders, and mold makers to rapid prototyping firms Asking our existing customers tons of questions about what they want and why they need it design and redesign using many different CAD programs including FreeCad, Sketchup, Rhino, and Inventor lawyers and patent applications learning the difference between pipes and tubes Endless trips to Lowes and Home Depot Speaking in the tongues...

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