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Yudu - How to Print T-shirts a lot faster

by Gary Jurman July 25, 2010

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If you've been screen printing with the Yudu Personal Screen Printing Machine, by Provocraft, then you have probably noticed it is an incredibly slow process. You may be wondering how anyone could get 10 or more t-shirts done in their life-time. One major time-eating factor is the way the platen is loaded with the T-shirt. This article / video is a work-around.

The Above Video Shows You How to Speed Up Massively

The basic gist is that Provocraft, the makers of the Yudu, has you loading the T-shirt on the platen upside-down. It is very awkward to do it that way, which explains why no other screen printing machine in the world does it like that.

Many problems are created by loading the platen wrong:

  • It is difficult to get the shirt straight and center.
  • It is very time consuming.
  • You have to wait for the ink to dry before removing the t-shirt from the platen, or risk smearing the ink.
  • Because the ink has to dry before the t-shirt can be removed, plastisol inks are very hard to use with the system, as they need 320 degrees to cure (which warps the platen).
  • You wind up having to buy a lot of extra platens if you want to do a production run.

A Description of the Technique the Video Shows

  1. The platen is taped into place at the pegs, securing it at the back.
  2. The T-shirt is loaded onto the platen, inserting the platen inside the body of the T-shirt.
  3. The screen is used to screen print the image on the garment. Please Note: when the T-shirt is loaded this way, the image on the screen must be flipped to match the orientation of the garment.
  4. The T-shirt is easily off-loaded from the platen after executing the print. In fact, removing the T-shirt is so easy, it could even be done while the ink is wet!

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Find More Tips on How to Screen Print with the Yudu

There are a number of techniques that can really improve your production time on the Yudu, and the above video work-around is just one of them. We have more tips besides this one, so sign up for our updates if you'd like to hear about them.

Also, please note, diyTeeShirts.com carries inks, screens, and the Hack the Yudu Screen Kit, which can save you hundreds of dollars on Yudu supplies.

Gary Jurman
Gary Jurman

Gary Jurman has been in the screen printing industry for more than 30 years. He originally owned and operated a screen printing company Red Alert Screen Printing (1998-2017) for about nineteen years before selling it in January 2017, to focus on DIY Screen Printing Supplies. He continued in an advisory and on-boarding capacity for the new owner from Jan. 2017 - August 2017. He was born in Queens, New York, but he spent most of his life in Florida. He has a b.s. in general studies from New College of Sarasota, where he founded the screen printing club. Most members of his family are business owners, so it was not surprising that he chose entrepreneurship after graduation. He has taught private screen printing classes, and with his advice and technical support, he has helped many people new to the industry bootstrap their way into business. He is the driving force in product development at DIY Screen Printing Supplies.

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Jenny Hunter
Jenny Hunter

August 30, 2015

Hang the tshirt on a hanger before slipping it on to the platen, then pull hanger and shirt off platen and hang to dry. :)

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