Hack the Yudu Screen Coating Kit

by Gary Jurman June 21, 2009

Getting Started with the Hack the Yudu

The Hack the Yudu Screen Coating Kit includes everything you need to dump those expensive, irritating emulsion sheets and get started with easier to use, more cost-effective liquid emulsion.

Step One: Sensitize Emulsion

Your emulsion must be sensitized before use! Sensitized emulsion is green. Do not use if it is blue. Minimize exposure to light of any kind, and never expose your emulsion or DIAZO to sunlight!

  1. Fill the bottle labeled DIAZO halfway with water and shake well.
  2. Mix the DIAZO solution into the emulsion until you no longer see swirls.
  3. Let the emulsion sit for two hours before use.

Step Two: Coat Your Screen(s)

  1. Start with the screen standing upright.
  2. Fill the scoop coater with 1/2 cup of emulsion.
  3. Coat the “face” of the screen first. (the side without a lip).
  4. Flip the screen and coat the inside. Both sides must be coated. 5. Let dry in front of a fan or in the Yudu rack.

Storage and Exposure

Store unburned screens in a dark place, such as inside a garbage bag in a closet. Coated screens may be burned using the same exposure time as traditional Yudu Emulsion sheets.

Clean Up

After removing the ink, spray both sides of the screen with emulsion remover. Rinse with high pressure for best results. If you see image ghosting on the screen after the emulsion is removed, we recommend Merchmakr Pink Power Degreaser/Dehazer to help minimize staining and remove oils that can make coating the screen with emul- sion more difficult.

DO NOT ALLOW EMULSION REMOVER TO DRY IN THE SCREEN. It may create emulsion lock, rendering the screen unusable.

Download the Getting Started PDF

Lost your Getting Started booklet? Download the PDF here: Hack the Yudu Getting Started Manual.
Gary Jurman
Gary Jurman

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