16x16 Afford-a-Flash Unit by BBC Industries

Afford-a-Flash 16x16 Flash Dryer


  • 16 x 16 Radiant panel.
  • Comes with stand with casters.
  • 1600 watts of Power
  • 10' Power Cord
  • Made by BBC Industries

Feature benefits

  • The 16 x 16 radiant panel is large enough for most operations. Many shops use this size flash unit, even as an inexpensive alternative to high-priced flashes built for automatic presses.
  • The stand with roller/casters make maneuvering the flash unit easier. We can't recommend positioning the unit when hot, but if you did, having wheels can make it easier.
  • This unit gets hot enough to cure plastisol inks. The radiant panel gets as hot as the ones used inside many good-quality conveyor dryers.
  • The 10' power cord is long enough for most shop spaces. You will rarely, if ever need an extension cord.
  • BBC Industries makes good equipment. We've seen these units more than 15 years old still in service.

How to to adjust the heat:

Adjust the distance/height from the platen, or the time the garment is under the unit. A good distance to start experimenting is around 5" above the platen (10" or more above the platen for fleece).

Special Notes:
Great for spot drying plastisol inks and some waterbased inks. It can be used to cure plastisol ink, and many start-ups use it as a stepping stone to get them by until they can afford a conveyor dryer.

Comes with a 1-year manufacturer's warranty against electrical component failure.


  • 120V
  • 1575W
  • 13.3 amps

Works with

Works with Merchmakr Works with Yudu Works with any standard screen printing system