Hack the Yudu Screen Liquid Emulsion Kit

If you've had it with the high cost of Yudu consumables, this kit is for you. It is exactly what you need to stop wasting your money on the Yudu emulsion sheets and start coating your screens with liquid emulsion. It's easier to get right, takes less time, and costs 1/10th of the price.


Works with

Works with Merchmakr Works with Yudu Works with any standard screen printing system


Mini Classic  Deluxe
How many screens can I coat? up to 25 screens! up to 50 screens! up to 25 screens!
Dual-Cure Emulsion included 1 pint 1 quart 1 pint
Emulsion Remover included 1 pint ready-to-use 1 4oz concentrate (makes a gallon!) 1 pint ready-to-use
Yudu-Compatible Scoop Coater
Getting Started Booklet and DVD
Includes 2 110 Yudu-Compatible Screens


    Check out our How To article with video and instructions.  

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