Screen Print NOW Action Kit

We'll do all the stuff you don't want to do, and you just pull the squeegee!

Just upload your file below, making sure you adhere to our specifications below.

Mesh Count
Ink Color

Hit the ground running with a pre-burned screen sporting your graphic. Jump to your favorite part --doing the print!


The Screen Print NOW Action Kit includes:

You get a Merchmakr HotSwap screen coated in our durable Tenacious E Dual Cure emulsion with your stencil already on it. It's ready for action! 

We'll include the same rich, dark transparency film we supply with our film output service.

So you can print straight out of the box, you'll have a fresh, sharp 12" 70 durometer professional grade screen printing squeegee and an 8oz container of Merchmakr None More Black Water-Based ink for Screen Printing or Merchmakr White Rabbit Water-Based ink for Screen Printing, good for paper, cardboard or apparel!

If you don’t have the time, the inkjet printer, the RIP software, and exposure unit, let us make perfect films and screens for you. You can skip past the hassle and start printing NOW!


We may contact you about your order, after we review your art. Please allow 3-5 days for processing, provided art files are prepared correctly. During the checkout process, please include your phone number for quicker service.

  • place your graphics in the template at the actual size you require. Artwork exceeding 10" x 10" will be resized down to fit the screen's image area.
  • please use lines no thinner than 1 point (about the thickness of a pencil lead).
  • please only include graphics you own or have the right to use.
  • Please be sure that all areas of art intended to print are BLACK.
  • We'll include centered registration marks on the films if you do not put them on yourself.

For Illustrator files:

  • please “create outlines” on all fonts included in the file. You can do that by selecting the text, then selecting "create outlines" from the type menu. 
  • please be sure the “include linked files” checkbox is checked in the options menu while saving your graphic.


Fine print:
By ordering our Screen Print NOW Action Kit, you agree to hold us harmless and will defend us from any legal matters arising from our service or byproducts of that service. You also guarantee us that you own or have the legal right to use the graphics you send us.

We reserve the right to refuse to output any graphic for any reason. Some of the reasons we may refuse to output a graphic are:

  • Inclusion of hate speech or unprotected speech.
  • Materials we think may open us up to liability.
  • Trademarked/copyrighted items you do not own.

Art Services

If the artwork you send is not ready for output, we may offer to prepare it for you. In that case, we will provide a quote prior completing any work.