DIY 3-Color Screen Printing Press

Build this 3-color Screen Printing Press

in an afternoon using materials from the hardware store.

All you need from us is this in-depth tutorial and 3 sets of screen printing hinge clamps.

If you'd rather not build your own press, try our 4 Color Tabletop Screen Printing Press!

Are you ready to start printing your Tee shirt designs in up to 3 colors?

Do you want to print Black Tee shirts with bright white ink & more colors too?

Do you want a screen printing press that is easy to use with plastisol inks?

Don't melt your YUDU with a heatgun!

You can build a 3-color EZ Press.

Our diy Build Your Own 3-Color Screen Printing Press Tutorial shows you how.

...first you build the EZ Press core component.

It doesn't take much, just a 2x6, a shelf plank, screen printer's hinge clamps, and some cutting, drilling, gluing, and screwing.

It's EASY, and Joe shows you exactly how in a detailed PDF Guide and Video Tutorial.

When it's built you'll have THIS:

Once you build the EZ Press, you're ready to build the upgrade and move to the next level!

Joe shows you exactly how to take a little more wood from the hardware store and 2 more sets of screen clamps, and transform your EZ Press into a multi-color screen printing machine!

You just build the upgrade and then dock the EZ Press in like a Jedi star fighter getting set to jump to HYPERSPACE.

Now you're ready to go 3-color.

In fact, you're ready for that and a whole lot more.

  • Print with low-cost plastisol inks, without fear of melting Yudu platens or your inks drying in the screen.
  • Print many multi-colored shirts fast, Fast, FAST!!!
  • Print black shirts and get BRIGHT colors! (With this press you can underbase with white.)
  • Never fear lifting your screen again, because your screens stay put when you lock them in.

If you've wanted a press you can use to start a T-shirt line, run uniforms for the soccer league, or print T-shirts for your band, the DIY 3-color EZ Press is the best damn screen printing press you can build for practically nothing.

Designed by professional screen printer, Gary Jurman, the DIY 3-color EZ Press is forward-looking in case you might want to move beyond hobby printing and bootstrap your way into business. This press can take you right up to the brink of professional screen printing.

After the DIY 3-color EZ Press your best next move is to get a professional grade carousel multi-station press and a conveyor dryer. It'll cost you thousands of dollars, but if you built THIS press first, you could buy it with the profits from your start-up.

Here's what you'll get available for immediate download when you buy this Tutorial:

  • The EZ Press 1 color Screen Printing Press Build Video.
  • The EZ Press 1 color Screen Printing Press Plans PDF.
  • The DIY 3-Color EZ Press Upgrade Build Video Tutorial.
  • The DIY 3-Color EZ Press Upgrade Build Documentation
  • How to Set Up the 3 Color EZ Press: Tutorial Video.
  • How to Set Up the 3 Color EZ Press: Documentaion

With the DIY 3-Color EZ Press Upgrade Build Tutorial, you're ready for action.

You'll learn how to register your films to your screens as Gary Jurman takes you step-by-step through the whole process in the set-up tutorial.

You'll learn how to line up the screens in the press so you can get tight registration between the colors. Your screens will land in the same place every time, so you don't have to worry about ink smearing and text blurring.

You'll learn a trick here and there too to help make press set-up easier.

This is a Download Version without disks.

You'll be given instant access to the Documents and Videos so you can start your project immediately! As soon as you buy, you are sent to the download page.

Get your project into high gear now! Get the DIY 3-Color EZ Press Tutorial for only $24.95

(note: To build the press, you will need a total of 3 sets of Screen Printing Hinge Clamps, available on

Special Note: If you would like this tutorial and plans along with the clamps and screens and other supplies to get it going try the Starter Package 3!