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DIY EZ Press: Build Your own Screen Printing Press

So Easy you have to try to screw it up!

Finally you can start screen printing T shirts with all your cool designs.

  • Print bigger Graphics
  • Faster and Easier
  • With a lot Less Mess

Start having fun with your diy screen printing project.

Build it yourself with our detailed PDF instructions and video!
...and get our FREE Ink Report too!

Only $9.99

If you'd rather not build your own press, try our 4 Color Tabletop Screen Printing Press!

Are you an artist, design student, or want to start a T-shirt line? Do you want to know Where can I get good screen printing equipment for almost free? The simple answer is, if you want a one color press, the cheapest and best way to get one is to simply build it yourself.

The DIY EZ Press is designed by someone who screen prints for a living. When you screen print every day you have to make a lot of equipment on the fly. The simple fact is that so many types of print jobs come your way that you just can't anticipate what you might need. One day you're printing t shirts, and the next it's point-of-purchase displays. You have to be able to make equipment that lasts for many thousands of prints in a very short time.

You can build your own press that will make it easy for you to cut the nonsense and get to the part where you have awesome T-shirts. Now you can get down to wearing the coolest T-shirts ever, and you can even leave it setup on the press for the next print run!

Build as many as you like! The plans and detailed build tutorial are only $9.95.

And if you're starting your own line of T-shirts, the DIY EZ Press is a great way to get you going! The presses are small and don't take up much room. You can build a press for each of your T-shirt designs! It's not like you have to throw the plans away after you build one press. Build ten of them and set-up shop in your garage. We don't mind. Just be sure to tell all your friends about us.

Do you have a band? Do you want to sell your band shirts and print them as needed? Imagine if you could pop into the garage and make a few t-shirts in minutes. Does the cute girl want the shirt with the guitar on it? Bang it out, and put some gas in the van. You can even bring the press with you to your next gig. Have a groupie screen printing t-shirts at the merch table. Talk about print on demand.

The DIY EZ Press plans are a combination PDF and video package. When you buy, you can immediately download it so you can get started making your T-shirts dreams come true. We'll show and tell you everything you need to build it! The 30 page PDF includes lots of pictures and detailed instructions. In the step by step video, Joe shows you how to build one in complete detail.

When your EZ Press is built, it'll have lots of awesome features:

  • The 20" x 24" screen (must be purchased separately) holds itself up so you don't have to fumble around making a mess.
  • It's 12" x 16" shirt platen let's you make a big print, unlike other presses that can only do postage stamps.
  • It has a guide to help keep your prints straight and center.
  • Plenty of clearance for easy Tee shirt loading.
  • A proper "shirt well" so your screen drops without interference.
  • Production-oriented design so you can quit wasting time for no good reason.
  • Screen clamps that just plain do the job right!

Fast forward past the problems that hobby-store solutions offer. Do you really want to spend $300 for a glorified light table? Or maybe you can spend less, but get a screen with a kick-stand and a whole-lotta headaches. Don't spend your life in pursuit of cool T-shirts, wasting your time fighting with the equipment while you try to learn how to screen print.

The DIY EZ Press: Build Your Own Screen Printing Press Package is $9.95 and you can get it instantly through DOWNLOAD. As soon as you purchase it's available for you. No more waiting for the postman.

Added Bonus!!!

Get the DIY EZ Press today and we'll throw-in our ink report PDF!

DIY Screen Printing at Home Ink Report:

a side by side comparison of waterbased and plastisol inks

If you're tired of guessing about inks, this report is for you.
If you are printing with waterbased inks and you are frustrated, this report is for you.
Do you want to know how to cure plastisol ink without an expensive conveyor dryer?
Would you like your screen to last longer instead of exploding with pinholes?
Did you know there's a way to wash plastisol ink down the sink just like waterbased --only better?
If your waterbased ink keeps drying up in your screen, this report is for you.

Stop the madness now!

Whether you want to know how to better use waterbased inks or you're considering switching to plastisol, this report can fill in some crucial gaps for you.

Find out what they are made of, what they are good for, and how they work.

Learn the flood print technique that keeps professionals printing while you are cursing and cleaning out the screen... again...

Do you know why so many professional screen printers skip the headache and just do the job with plastisol?

If waterbased ink is making you pull your hair out, this Bonus report will save you more money on headache aspirin than the puny cost of the EZ Press Package it comes with, and it's a FREE Bonus!

DIYTeeShirts! Please send me this ink report along with the DIY EZ Press right away!

(Only $9.95 for the EZ Press PDF and Video Package ...and your Bonus Ink Report)

Our Money Back Guarantee:

We promise to give you 100% of your money back, if you are not completely satisfied with the EZ Press: Build Your Own Screen Print Package. Just email us within 30 days of receipt, and we'll refund your money unconditionally.


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