What's In The Box?

When you get your Merchmakr All-in-One Screen Printing Kit, here's what you should find in the box:

The Merchmakr Kit Includes:

  • Merchmakr Screen Printing Press with HotSwap™
  • Merchmakr Exposure Unit
  • 155 mesh 17x17 HotSwap Compatible Screen
  • Bungee Cord
  • 12" Professional Grade Squeegee
  • 10 8.5"x11" Waterproof Inkjet Transparency Films
  • 8oz Merchmakr Black Water-Based Ink
  • 8oz Merchmakr White Water-Based Ink
  • 1 Pt. Merchmakr Tenacious E Dual Cure Emulsion
  • Scoop Coater
  • 1 Pt. Merchmakr Emulsion Remover


Here are the best videos and articles to get you moving. If you want to see a complete project from start to finish, check out the Obnox project walkthrough: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, and Part 4.

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Fun video about making a screen printing screen using Merchmakr. Features 5 DIY ways to get the graphics on the screen. Also shows exposing a screen using the Merchmakr Exposure unit that comes with the kit. Read More

If you've been screen printing with the Yudu Personal Screen Printing Machine, by Provocraft, then you have probably noticed it is an incredibly slow process. You may be wondering how anyone could get 10 or more t-shirts done in their life-time. One major time-eating factor is the way the platen is loaded with the T-shirt. This article / video is a work-around. Read More
How to clean up the water-based ink after you are done printing with Merchmakr Screen Printing System. Covers how to reclaim a screen as well. Read More
Part 2 of the project making T-shirts for the pretend band, Obnox. In this episode, Gary and Vanessa (Whirlynn from the band UFO Sex Scene), prepare to expose their screens by lining them up on Merchmakr Screen Printing system. They show how to use a "registration film" to accomplish on press burning in register. Read More

The foundation of every good screen print is the screen itself. After a design is created, it has to be translated into a stencil on a screen. This process is called burning, or exposing, the screen. In this article, we’ll give you a quick overview of how the burning process works, and get you ready to make your first one-color screen. Read More
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Gary and Vanessa showing how to use Merchmakr exposure unit to burn screens. Part 3 of the series about making t-shirts for the imaginary metal band, Obnox. Read More

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