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Hack the Yudu Screen

Coat Your Yudu* Screens With Liquid Emulsion

If you're tired of spending $10 to make a Yudu screen, this is for you.
If you're tired of spending $10 to screw up a Yudu screen, this is really for you!
There are so many Yudu screen FAILS all over the internet, that we just had to intervene.

*We are not affiliated in any way with Provocraft or their subsidiaries.

You Don't Have to Have Another Yudu Screen FAIL

Twitter is fluttering like a humming bird with complaints and lamentations about the sheets of film that come with the Yudu Personal Screen Printing Machine. Those sheets are called capillary films, and there are a variety of problems with them:

  • -Capillary films are expensive
  • -Film sheets are tricky to apply
  • -The emulsion sheets for the Yudu are tiny
  • ...and the list goes on.

But Don't Get Frustrated, You Can Hack the Yudu.

All you need to do is start coating your Yudu screens with liquid emulsion. It's not hard. It's not expensive. It's not rocket science! You just need the right supplies and a tiny bit of information.

Once you've coated your screen, you just treat it the same way you would if you used the Yudu emulsion sheets.

  • Burn the screen for the same amount of time.
  • Dry the screen in the Yudu screen rack, if you like.
  • The emulsion uses the very same emulsion remover too, and the kit includes enough concentrate to mix a whole gallon of emulsion remover. (If you bought the Yudu emulsion remover for $7.99 [3oz bottles], that's a savings of over $300 alone!)

Stop Getting Robbed Every Time You Make a Screen!

Once you get this down, you'll be making screens for 10 cents on the dollar. That's right. Your screens will be so cheap, you won't mind even if you did screw them up.

The diyTeeShirts Hack the Yudu Screen Solution includes:

  • 1 qt. of DIY Dual-Cure Graphic Emulsion (coats 30 - 50 screens, and is good for use with waterbased and paltisol inks.)
  • 1 15" dual-edged scoop coater (for applying emulsions to your screens)
  • 1 5oz bottle of concentrated emulsion remover (enough to mix one gallon)
  • diyTeeShirts Coating Screens with Liquid Emulsion Video Tutorial.
  • diyTeeShirts Coating Screens with Liquid Emulsion PDF


  • diyTeeShirts Troubleshooting Chart for Screen Burning: If you have trouble burning your screen, this chart will help you figure out what went wrong.

note: The Dual-Cure Emulsion is good for both Plastisol and Waterbased inks. It's easy to use and easy to get right! No safelight needed, just a dimly lit room to work in.


How much will you pay to make your next 20 Yudu screens?

Will it be $200 using their fun and exciting emulsion sheets?
Will you buy them on Craig's list for half price and spend $100?
What if you could spend even less for 2x as many screens, and then after that make screens for $1 each?

The diyTeeShirts Hack the Yudu Screen Solution is only $69.95.


...and we'll throw in this bonus:

diyTeeShirts Plastisol vs Waterbased inks Report.

Once you start screen printing you are going to have a lot of questions about inks. We designed this report to answer them.

It details

  • How to cure both types of ink.
  • Why do most commercial screen printers choose plastisol over waterbased?
  • The pros and cons of both
  • Tricks and tips
  • and whole lot more...

This report alone will make you stop yelling at the dog, and just might cut your aspirin bill in half!

Here's a testimonial sent in by a customer:

Dear DIYTeeShirts:
I just received my Yudu Hack Kit in the mail, and got a chance to test it out today. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! It's awesome! The very first screen I made turned out perfectly, and took a fraction of the time it used to take me with the Yudu emulsion sheets. Before my last show (our small business sells at local Irish and Highland dance competitions), I spent over $60 on emulsion sheets for some new designs I had made (that's 2 packs at $29.99 each, 4 sheets total) and ALL 4 SHEETS of emulsion were ruined! I wasted an entire weekend fiddling with the sheets when I could have been printing clothing. With your hack kit, in only a few hours I went from blank screen to successfully printed shirt (and that includes the time I took to eat lunch and fix up my designs for burning)! I'm only a beginner at this screen printing thing, and your kit has made the process so much easier! I have to say, I never write this kind of letter but I was so impressed that I just had to write and tell you! I will be highly recommending your products to all other Yudu users and screen printers I come in contact with! Thanks again,

Nicole Welsh
I Heart That! Dance