What is HotSwap?

Registration + Clamp + Screen = Swap It!

HotSwap lets you swap out screens like you’re on fire. You’re hot in the middle of a print on your next favorite T-shirt, and you swap out your screen for a flash of new color. Without HotSwap this would be a disaster. With HotSwap, it’s just fun!

Registration Marks Make Life Easier!

HotSwap Registration System is achieved through aligning your different art elements to the Zero point on the Merchmakr Screen Printing Press. If they align there, they align everywhere.

The Merchmakr Hot Swap Clamp

The HotSwap clamp is a unique patent-pending screen clamp that locks your screen in place without shifting. It’s lightning fast, and no other screen printing clamp in the world is like it. Without the HotSwap clamp, locking your screens in press is a painful chore.

Merchmakr screens have a special HotSwap tab attached. When the tab and the screen contact the HotSwap Clamp, they lock into the Zeroed position, ensuring your design aligns just right.

With HotSwap you can screen print designs using virtually unlimited colors. More expensive screen printing presses need a separate arm for each color in your design, but not Merchmakr. It has HotSwap! Check out Merchmakr in action! Check out Merchmakr in action!