Merchmakr All-in-One Screen Printing Kit

What is the Merchmakr Press?

It's super-compact screen printing press that belongs in a full-scale screen printing shop, but instead wants to be on the GO with you! It's so easy to set up shop anywhere --you don't have to bolt it down. Just pop it and rock it! Whether you are a craft mom or a rock star coming up, Merchmakr is the real deal. It was invented by a screen printer for screen printing short runs and crazy projects easily. Now we know that girl power is a big thing, and little girls especially have lot's of it, but we think with Merchmakr, even if you aren't a little girl, you can do it too.

What can it do that large-scale screen printers might like?

When large-scale screen printers actually use the registration system, they start scratching their heads and wondering how they can get their presses to work like a Merchmakr. How can they burn their screens in register and make them lock into place so easily? Except for the really big guys with automatic presses costing tens of thousands of dollars, professional screen printers have presses that don't set up nearly as easy.

It's great to have a tiny portable press to run one color jobs and numbers. Even with the limited amount of space around the feeding end of a conveyor dryer, Merchmakr can squeeze in and start pumping out merch. When your done, leave it on top of the filing cabinet in the office.

Sometimes screen printing shops have to do ridiculous jobs like a short run ten color print for a good customer. If their press only does 6 colors, using a Merchmkar can make the customer happy without tying up a production press for half the day.

Merchmakr has HotSwap and screen printers wish their presses had HotSwap if for no other reason than their presses tear up their hands when clamping and unclamping their screens. During set up, they sometimes have to clamp and unclamp their screens a whole bunch of times. When a screen printer uses the Merchmakr, they wonder why their presses don't have such a friendly clamp.