Screen Printing Walkthrough

The How to Screen Print Crash Course

You can do Screen Printing at Home in Your Garage

Do you want to learn how to screen print? Are you tired of bad videos, bad teachers, and bad information? Do you want to end the frustration and begin having fun screen printing cool T-shirts?

Whether you've tried and failed again and again, or are just starting off, the diyTeeshirts Screen Printing Walkthrough will help. Stop cursing at the dog, and start making cool T-shirts that make your friends say "Wow!"

You can get started today, minutes from now, without buying an expensive press or high-priced consumables.

The How to Screen Print Walkthrough is a step by step guide that holds your hand through your first screen print project.

This Walkthrough is designed to show you what to do, and how to do it.

But it's even more than that. It gives you an accurate foundation with screen printing that can be built upon later. If you've been wanting to know if screen printing is for you, the walkthrough will give you a very good idea.

Unlike other products in popular hobby stores, The Screen Print Walkthrough is designed by a professional screen printer who has many years experience teaching others and more than 20 years in the industry.

So how does The Screen Print Walkthrough rocket you into T-shirt printing without buying expensive equipment?

A combination of professional and guerilla screen printing tactics. You can buy the equipment later, when you've discovered how much you love screen printing.

But for now, enjoy the following Bonus...

The DIY EZ Press: Build Your Own Screen Print Press

We're including the diy EZ Press: Build Your Own Screen Print Press as a bonus when you buy the DIY Screen Print Walkthrough because we know this will just kick you over the top!

Now here's what you'll accomplish when you get the Walkthrough:

  • Coat a screen with liquid emulsion instead of expensive emulsion sheets.
  • Make films at your local copy shop.
  • Burn your screen in the sun without smacking your forehead and screaming.
  • Skip the excuses and setup your press for mass production.
  • Print with plastisol ink if you like (and stop racing the clock).
  • Dry your inks with a heat gun (until you're ready to upgrade).
  • Recycle/reclaim your screen without the headache.
  • ...and a whole lot more!

Here's what the Screen Print Walkthrough is not:

  • It's not a thinly disguised advertisement for a bunch of expensive products.
  • It's not hours of video that could have been summed up in five minutes.
  • It's not an expensive machine that's long on marketing and short on useful instruction.

If you're ready to quit wasting your time and money, and get the intel you need to have a nice, successful experience, then you need to order The Screen Print Walkthrough right away.

The diyTeeShirts How to Screen Print Walkthrough is a series of detailed PDFs and over 1 hour 20 minutes of comprehensive, content packed videos of the entire process. You get the need to know instruction required to make it happen for you.

...and we're even adding another Bonus

When you order the diyTeeShirts How to Screen Print Walkthrough you get the EZ Press: Build Your Own Screen Printing Press Tutorial FREE, and now we're throwing in the DIY Ink Report: Plastisol vs Waterbased absolutely FREE, too.

The DIY Ink Report: Plastisol vs. Waterbased is jam-packed with need-to-know information about screen printing inks.

You could scour the internet and still not find this stuff. What's more, even if you did, with all the seemingly conflicting statements you'll find, you might as well try to untangle spaghetti.

But not if you read the report...

Find out stuff like:

  • Why most commercial printers skip right on past the waterbased and reach for the plastisol.
  • What are the basics of waterbased ink, and how do you dry it?
  • What is crocking and what can you do about it?

...and you even get some very helpful hints like this:
Keep a spray bottle of water handy when printing waterbased. Just mist your screen now and then to help with ink flow.

Did you know that a 156 mesh count is a good general purpose screen?

Would you like to know how to get bright white on dark T-shirts?

Have you ever heard of "flooding your screen?"

The DIY Ink Report mops the floor up with the tips and tricks you might have paid for with days of circular research. Stop growing old trying to figure this stuff out and just read the report.

...but the Screen Printing Walkthgrough is more than good information: it's Guidance. It's like having a map that skips past the speed traps.

Don't pay $300 for a glorified light table and thin instructions...

Don't pay $200 even though you'll save that much money on headache pills alone!

You don't even need $100, so you can save your money for supplies.

Here's what you get when you order the How to Screen Print Walkthrough:

  • How to Build the EZ Press PDF Instruictions and Plans, which will show you how to make an excellent screen printing press out of 2 pieces of wood, some drilling, screwing, and gluing, and a little bit of hardware (screen clamps and materials not included).
  • How to Build the EZ Press Video.
  • Walkthrough, Part 1: How to Coat a Screen PDF.
  • Walkthrough, Part 1: How to Coat a Screen Video.
  • Walkthrough, Part 2: How to Create Your Art & Film PDF.
  • Walkthrough, Part 2: How to Create Your Art & Film Video.
  • Walkthrough, Part 3: How to Burn Your Screen in the Sun PDF.
  • Walkthrough, Part 3: How to Burn Your Screen in the Sun Video.
  • Walkthrough, Part 4: How to Print a T-shirt PDF.
  • Walkthrough, Part 4: How to Print a T-shirt Video.
  • Walkthrough, Part 5: How to Recycle/Reclaim Your Screen PDF.
  • Walkthrough, Part 5: How to Recycle/Reclaim Your Screen Video.
  • The DIY Tee Shirts Ink Report: a detailed comparison of plastisol and waterbased Ink PDF.
  • How to Pull a Squeegee Video, in-depth discussion and guidance in the use of the screen printer's squeegee.

and all for the incredibly low price of $67.

Buy now and you could be rolling up your shirt sleeves in minutes! You get instant access to download the files and watch them immediately!

Don't wait for the postman! Don't pay for shipping!

Our Money Back Guarantee:

We promise to give you 100% of your money back, if you are not completely satisfied with the DIY Screen Printing Walkthrough. Just let us know within 30 days of receipt, and we'll refund your money unconditionally. (Please Note: The Walkthrough and the EZ Press Tutorial are downloadable products that do not include hardware or supplies.)


Arlton was having a lot of problems getting his screens burned. He tried a variety of light sources and techniques, only to have to go back to the drawing board again and again. This is what he had to say about the Walkthrough video:

The walkthrough video and guidebook PDF was a lot of help. I followed the instructions you provided and everything went smoothly. I didn't have any issues what-so-ever. I've tried many different tutorials and guides on the Internet, so I was a bit skeptical of your solution. But after using your product I was able to burn a screen properly and print multiple shirts with ease. Thank you so much for such a great product!
--Arlton L.

The next testimonial could be yours!


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