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ICC 156 Silver Shimmer

International Coatings 156 Silver Shimmer is a fine, shimmering glitter in a low bleed, low fusion, easy to print base. It provides a bright, non-tarnishing metallic sparkle to printed garments, giving prints a more dynamic body than normal metallic silver without sacrificing detail like full silver glitter.

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Works with

Works with Merchmakr Works with Yudu Works with any standard screen printing system


  • Low Fusing
  • Fast Flashing
  • Low Tack
  • High Pigment
  • Non-Phalate
  • Low Ink Build-up
  • Excellent Opacity


  • High Pigment inks add limited bleed resistance, cutting down on dye migration.
  • Contains no phalates, exceeding US regulatory standards.
  • Designed to cut down on ink build-up on the backs of screens.
  • Additional opacity for masking the color of dark fabrics.
  • Flashes in just 2-8 seconds

Technical Specifications

Recommended Fabrics

100% cotton, and some cotton/polyester blends. Always test print fabric before beginning a production run.

Ink Application 156 Silver Shimmer should be used right from the container without any modifications.

Thinning this product may reduce the metallic sparkle. If modification is necessary use the following reducers:

DARK GARMENTS: Use 1099LF Low Bleed Curable Reducer (Add 1% to 10% by Volume).

LIGHT GARMENTS:Use 1110LF Curable or 1099LF Low Bleed Curable Reducer (Add 1% to 10% by Volume).

Screen Mesh

86 - 160 t/in or 24 - 63 t/cm Monofilament


Any direct or indirect lacquer proof emulsion.

Squeegee 60-70 Durometer sharp or beveled edge.
Cure Temperatures 325°F (163°C) for 1 minute Dependent on dryer speed and temperature settings.
Clean-Up Any environmentally friendly plastisol screen wash. For best results, use merchmakr™ Wipe Out™ Press Wash.
Storage 65° to 90°F (18° to 32°C) Avoid storage in direct sunlight. Keep containers well sealed.

Important Information

  1. 156 Silver Shimmer is a (LB) low bleed inks, not a non-bleed ink. On some types of fabric, bleeding or dye migration may occur. Always test print the fabric to be printed before beginning production. It is best to do some long term testing on some fabrics to determine if they are going to bleed. Bleeding or dye migration may not occur immediately.
  2. Print 156 Silver Shimmer last in a design, when printing wet on wet, to avoid excessive pick-up of the glitter flakes.
  3. Too high of a temperature in the dryer, above 350°F (177°C), may reduce the brilliance of the Metallic Shimmer inks.
  4. The Metallic Shimmers will spot dry, with a very low after flash tack, in 2 to 8 seconds depending on the spot dryer used. This allows the inks to be printed earlier in a design when desired.
  5. 156 Silver Shimmer, because of the quick flash time and low after flash tack, can be used as an under base instead of white. In some instances, this method will offer a softer hand with greater opacity than white ink.
  6. The Metallic Shimmers have good opacity on dark fabrics. However, in some instances, when printing through finer mesh counts, double hits with or without a flash may be needed.