ICC 720 Softhand Clear Base

ICC 720 Softhand Clear Base is great for extending your plastisol inks and also for making them a little easier to work.

As an example, if you have about enough plastisol screen printing ink for about 80 T-shirt prints, but you have to do about 100 prints, add a little 720 Softhand Clear Base to your ink, and you can build out enough ink to get the run done. Just be sure to add it to the whole batch of your ink before getting started. That way you can be sure to get consistent results.

Softhand clear base will slightly soften the feel of your imprints. It also is great for use with Pro-brite Process ink colors to base down their pigments. 

Please note: This product can lower bleed resistance of inks, so be careful using it with dark-color-ed fabrics without an under-base.

Cure Temperature is 325F and it can be cleaned up with press wash for plastisol or ink degradents that work with plastisol inks.



Works with

Works with Merchmakr Works with Yudu Works with any standard screen printing system