ICC 92 Metallic Gold Plastisol Ink


Give your design that extra bit of oomph with this classy looking metallic gold plastisol ink. 

Recommended Fabrics Cotton, polyester and some cotton/poly blends. Always test print fabric before beginning a production run.
Ink Application Direct Prints: For softer feeling direct prints, add 5% to 25% by volume, of 710LF Softhand Additive. Reducing the ink with 1110LF Curable Reducer and using finer meshes can also greatly improve the softness of the finished print.
Transfers (cold peel): It is important that the inks are only gelled during the transfer printing process otherwise the inks will not have adequate adhesion during the final transfer application.
Transfers (hot peel): This procedure is not recommended for metallic inks.
Screen Mesh and Emulsion Use 95-125 standard mesh or 37-50 monofilament mesh screens for best results. This ink will work well with dual-cure and photopolymer emulsions.
Cure Temperature Direct Prints: The entire print should reach 325ºF.
Transfers: Gelation 225-260ºF (107-127ºC)
Test dryer temperatures before a production run. Wash test printed product before beginning production run.
Clean Up Press Wash will clean the ink out of the screen for color changes or library storage. When taking out the screens entirely, ink degradent is recommended to break down the ink into a drain-safe form.
Storage Keep containers out of extreme heat or cold. Recommended storage at 65-90ºF. Avoid storage in direct sunlight and moist, humid air.
Special Handling Wash cold inside out for best long term results.