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Merchmakr Spot Killer Gun

Fill Merchmakr Spot Killer Gun with Merchmakr Spot Killer Fluid and remove thumb prints, pinhole marks, registration marks you forgot to tape off, and other "oops" types of stray ink from your garments. Merchmakr Spot Killer Gun is a must have if you are selling your merchandise or screen printing for others.

This light weight, electrically operated unit removes cured and uncured plastisol, water based inks, and flock adhesive. It's powerful enough to blow-out dried emulsion as well. Our heavy duty, low cost, spot killer gun is a powerful and durable unit built to withstand the industrial needs of a medium-sized screen printing shop.

  • Specifications 110V / 60Hz
  • Flow rate adjustment knob
  • Adjustable nozzle (mist or steam)
  • Angled tip
Works with Merchmakr Spot Killer Fluid.

Works with

Works with Merchmakr Works with Yudu Works with any standard screen printing system