Merchmakr Tenacious E Hybrid Emulsion for Plastisol, Discharge and Water-Based inks

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New! Merchmakr Tenacious E Hybrid Emulsion

  • Outstanding Resolution and Definition
  • Virtually Pinhole and Fisheye Free
  • Biodegradable and Non-Hazardous
  • Extremely Durable for long print runs
  • 41% Solids
  • Superior Solvent resistance to Aerosol Screen Openers
  • Very easy to use

Merchmakr Tenacious E Hybrid Emulsion  has a shelf life of about 45 days once sensitized. 

Use DIY Emulsion Remover or sodium periodate crystals to reclaim.


Merchmakr Tenacious E is a blue Diazo sensitized hybrid emulsion for Plastisol, Discharge, and Water Based inks. Ideal for use with Phthalate compliant ink systems. Diazo is added normally, first by adding room temperature water, agitating, and then adding the solution to the emulsion. Allow the emulsion to stand for at least 2 hours to ensure any air bubbles introduced during mixing are released.

*Handle under yellow safe light conditions and make sure to store in a cool dry place.


Works with

Works with Merchmakr Works with Yudu Works with any standard screen printing system