Yudu-Compatible 15" x 19" Screen

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Can't find Yudu™ screens? We've got you covered! These Yudu™ Compatible Screen Printing screens by Merchmakr come in a variety of mesh counts for more control and better results. Our screens are manufactured out of a single piece of steel for much higher durability, and our screen mesh is stretched much tighter to allow for better detail and sharper prints.

Works with

Works with Merchmakr Works with Yudu Works with any standard screen printing system

Not Just Compatible. Better.

The Yudu came with flimsy aluminum screens that flexed and wobbled, making it harder to get good results. Loose screen mesh leads to blurring and lower detail that limits your ability to make the design you want to make. Our screens are better in every way. We have them stamped out of a single piece of steel for durability and structure. The screen itself is the same professional quality mesh that people use for industrial screen printing, stretched to provide you with the best printing experience possible on the Yudu.

Choosing Your Mesh Count

The mesh count of your screen is kind of like resolution on a computer, or thread count on a set of sheets. It tells you the number of lines per inch on the screen, or more importantly, how big the holes in the mesh are. The smaller the holes, the more you can print detailed, thin lines and tiny dots. It's tempting to get the highest resolution screen possible, but thick inks like white or glitter become really hard—or impossible—to print. So it's important to get the right screen for the design and ink you're trying to use. For more information, check out our our learning center post on choosing the right mesh for your design. Here's a quick summary:

40 mesh is great for use with larger particle inks like crystalina or glitter.

86 mesh is great for use with shimmer or metallic inks, and also thicker inks that may be tough to get through the mesh like lighter colors and specialty inks.

110 mesh is what comes standard with the Yudu Screen Printing kit. It is good for medium detail images where the fonts are larger and the lines are not too thin. Also good for use with lighter colored inks that may need more coverage.

155 mesh is a great most-purpose screen. It can do double-duty, where it is good for use with larger fields of ink, but also does a nice job with fonts that are no less than 12pts and lines not thinner than a pencil lead.

200 mesh is for when a 155 just can't capture the detail. Sometimes your design has some 1 pt lines in it or 10 point fonts that tend to close up with the lower resolution screens. 200 mesh can often do the job when you have a compromise between coverage and detail in your graphics.

230 mesh can do 1/2 point lines and keep your tiny fonts more readable. It's not a good choice when you need good coverage, especially with larger fields of ink. It is sometimes a good choice for overprinting a flashed underbase, especially if the underbase has a nice flat finish.

305 mesh is good if you are experimenting with super-thin inks, or your design has tiny details that you otherwise have a lot of trouble capturing.


Outer Dimensions: 15" Wide x 19" Tall
Inner Dimension: 12" Wide x 16" Tall
Squeegee Size: Up to 11"