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Yudu Ink Silver 3 oz

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If you would like a similar color in bulk for a better value, see the following Matsui ink:


  • Color: Silver
  • Size: 3 oz.

Special Instructions:

  • Works best with 110 mesh screens because the ink contains aluminum flakes which need larger holes to pass.
  • Do not let Waterbased inks dry in your screen.
  • Temperature and humidity may affect how fast the ink dries.
  • You may want to use a flood stroke to give you extra time between prints.
  • You may lightly mist ink in screen with water to help prevent drying in the screen.
  • Important Note: If you want your Waterbased ink to be wash-fast, you must make the entire body of the ink reach 320 degrees for 2-3 minutes.

More information on Inks to use with the Yudu.

Works with

Works with Merchmakr Works with Yudu Works with any standard screen printing system