Yudu Registration Panels (2 pack)

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Registration Panels for Doing Multicolor on the Yudu


  • Transparent
  • Guide Holes
  • Pack includes 2 pieces

Feature benefits

  • Helps you create multicolor designs for screen printing with the Yudu Screen Printing Machine.
  • The guide holes aid in registration.


When doing multicolored screen printing, each color in the graphic must go on a separate screen. Color separations must be done, so that each color in the graphic is on a different sheet of film (ie. the transparencies). The transparencies are then aligned to each other using these registration panels. Then the registered films are ready for use when you are ready to burn (make the screens using the light).


  • Get your registration panels to lay flat before working with them.
  • Use a trap (overlap between colors) so that if the screen wiggles, your graphics still appear to line up.
  • Avoid tight registration or butt registration because the Yudu screens often do not land in the same spot every time, and it is difficult to adjust your registration after the screens have been burned (had the images put on them).

Works with

Works with Merchmakr Works with Yudu Works with any standard screen printing system